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The beginning of October appeared to welcome autumn. Whenever I travel to the suburbs, I come across some rice fields ready to be reaped. The sight of rice growing in abundance gives me immense happiness and makes me feel rich. The rice crop has now become easier to cultivate thanks to mechanisation,but when I see my father-in-law who is more than 70 years old, I always picture him cultivating rice the hard way by going to the rice field almost every day and pay close attention to water management and pest invasions.Therefore, I intend to eat with care, without wasting even a single grain of rice. And above all, I intend to savour the unigue taste and flavour of fresh new rice which encapsulates the power of nature―the rain and the summer heat.Rice is the staple food of the Japanese, but rice also has a deeper meaning―it helps to develop a deep connection to the soul and also acts as a strong support to the Japanese heart.   

This is one of Shinpei Ido's works. Among tableware, Gohanjawan(rice bowl)holds deep emotional meaning for the Japanese. Not only adults but even children have their own Gohanjawan, which is selected based on size and design. Mr.Ido lives in Kumamoto Prefecture. He has studied architecture at the university, but he has chosen pottery to pursue his passion for cooking and manufacturing. He was trained at the kiln of Karatuyaki, and later, he opened his own kiln in Kumamoto. I met him for the first time in June this year. The man from the Kyushu district has often been described as 'Kyushu Danji' and he is a real Kyushu Danji, warm-hearted man with a strong sense of integrity. Although he has just begun his career as an artist, he creates excellent designs that are deep-rooted in tradition. I have great expectations from this artist in the future!

Shinpei Ido
Size D13 −H5.4     Price 2,100Yen

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