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Do you like reading horoscopes?
Nowadays,the Japanese are very familiar with horoscopes.
Magazines typically have horoscopes in one section, and programs broadcast in the morning discuss the fortunes of the day.
However, we usually don't take horoscopes seriously; rather, we enjoy them. Therefore, we don't make decisions on the important things in life based on horoscopes, but we may be affected a little by it on that day. This is similar to what happens as a result of Omikuji or fortune-telling by blood types. 

This plate is one of Keiju Sakaba's works.
My astrological sign is Cancer; therefore, I have a personal preference for this plate.
These are fishes and a crab caught in a net.
These creatures are depicted as facing a crisis, but I think this design is suitable for the hot season because it suggests the presence of water. In summer, we are likely to use cool porcelain!!

Mr.Sakaba lives in Mito, Ibaragi Prefecture. He had a longing for Rosanzin Kitaoji, and he was actually trained at kiln in Kutani. Rosanzin lived in a different time, but his pottery skills also developed at a kiln in Kutani.
While making porcelain, the molding and painting are often done separately,but Mr.Sakaba ensures that all the process are done by himself,and he does both exceedingly well!
Features of his work are the beautiful shapes and his smooth brushwork; therefore, his pieces are very popular among young women. Though the design of this plate is often seen in porcelain from older periods, by his own admission, the old and new combine well. This is represented in his work. Although he is still young, I am really looking forward to seeing what his future holds. 

Keiju Sakaba
Size D15.2−H3.3    Price 3,990Yen

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