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Tango no Sekku

In Japan, 5 May is called Tango no Sekku and is set aside as a day for a family to celebrate their son, hoping he will grow to be healthy as well as successful in life.
The day's ceremonies include, among other things, eating a Chimaki, taking a Shobu-yu, and decorating a Koinobori, which is a carp-shaped flag that people display in their gardens.
It is said that people have been decorating Koinobori since the middle of the Edo Period. The ritual is derived from a Chinese story about a carp that could swim up a waterfall, and after successfully reaching the top, it could become a dragon. Thus, a carp has always been a symbol of success in life.

This Soba-choko is one of Kensuke Fujiyoshi's works, in which a lively carp is attempting to climb a waterfall.
The drawing is awesome!
Mr.Fujiyoshi lives in Fukuoka Prefecture,and his kiln is called HANAMATURIGAMA.The beautiful name Hanamaturi refers to Buddha's birthday.
Mr.Fujiyoshi primarily creates porcelain which is modeled after Koimari. Koimari is a name of porcelain that was made in the Arita region during the Edo Period. Even today, there are many Koimari collectors worldwide. Freddie Mercury(vocalist for Queen)was an avid Koimari collector.
Soba-choko is typical of Koimari, and many of its designs contain meanings, such as health, happiness, long life, and so on. 
Of course, this particular work represents health and success, just as Koinobori does.

Kensuke Fujiyoshi
Size D7.7−H6    Price 4,410Yen

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