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In Japan, April is the season of Sakura.
Japanese people love Sakura and they not only watch it, but often use it as a motif for Kimono, Japanese sweets, Japanese tableware, and so on. 

This plate of Sakura is a work of Katsutosi Mizuno.
Mr.Mizuno trained at the Kutaniseiyo which is a very famous kiln of porcelain, and then he opened own kiln in Tobe(Ehime Prefecture).Tobe is a place of production of high-quality kaolin. Now he lives in Hiroshima and he is making porcelains from same process as before.
All his works are Hakuji(white porcelain) and painting is not carried out.
So, its shape determines the good or bad of a work.
Mr. Mizuno's work is pure and is really beautiful from any angle.
This is my favorite work !

Hakuji-Sakura-Shichisunzara   Katsutoshi  Mizuno 
Size W21−H3.5    Price 6,615Yen

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