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With the advent of October, autumn seemed to have finally arrived. However, a small walk during the day makes me sweat and it feels as if the record intense heat of this summer still lingers. So anything that gives an impression of coolness is always welcome.On the other hand, Japanese eating methods lay a lot of emphasis on the four seasons; as a result, lacquerware and pottery at times serve as a substitute for porcelain and glass tableware due to the impression of coolness they give.

The left lacquerware in the picture above is made by Yui Kado(the 'Daruma-Chan' on the right is my son's favourite toy). As the form resembles the' Daruma doll', it was named 'Daruma-Wan'.The Daruma doll is an ornament, originally made to decorate the figure of 'Daruma-Taishi', the Buddhist priest who spread the Zen movement and introduced the concept of Zazen (the fundamental method of training in Zen Buddhism though which one meditates in a specified sitting posture). The Daruma doll is now loved in Japan as a mascot regardless of denomination. Mr.Kado lives in Wajima City,Ishikawa Prefecture. It is a prosperous area where lacquerware has been made for a long time. As the work involved includes various tasks such as shaving wood, applying lacquer, and decorating the finished product, it has created a division of labour around which a community has evolved. Mr.Kado is referred to as 'Nushi' in this area and applys a lacquer to wood, which is the finishing stage of making lacquerware in his studio. He has succeeded his father who was a skilled Nushi. Mr.Kado guides his studio which includes artisans from his father's time as well as newly joined members. He is well known for his dedication to the art of making lacquerware. As for the Daruma-Wan, it is unique form compared to the more commonly used lacquerware. It can be used for various purposes and is well suited for the needs of modern day eating how they want to use the Daruma-Wan. Its plump round form is identical to that of the Daruma doll and the look and feel of it is pleasant!

Daruma-Wan (Red)
Yui Kado
Size D9.5−H7.2    Price 21,000Yen

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