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It is June and the rainy season in Japan has set in. For several years now, heavy seasonal rains have been causing serious damage in various locations all around. The elderly famer is particularly worried seeing the state of his fields, damaged by the rains. This is indeed very sad, and I fully understand the state of mind of those who are engaged in agriculture, because the management of water is always very important. I sincerely hope that such rains do not occur this year.

This is a photo of Kensuke Fujiyoshi's works. Its design has three people wearing a Mino(straw raincoat) and Kasa(bamboo hat), pulling a ship. Although it is my favourite work, it makes me feel sad as in the olden days, without proper facilities for weather forecasts and flood control measures, people found it difficult to move about, and working on rainy days was much harder than it is today. However, I feel an emotional attachment to the Mino and Kasa. A Ukiyo-e print of Hiroshige Ando's Tokaido Gojusan-tsugi series has a lively picture of people wearing a Mino and Kasa, hurrying in the rain. Tableware such as the one in this photograph is called 'Soba-choko'. Traditionally this tableware was used as a serving dish,but with the spread of Soba during the Edo era, people began using it as a container for serving Soba-tsuyu(a dip for cold soba).Today, Soba-choko has other uses, for instance, as containers for serving tea and desserts. I find it interesting that many Soba-chokos carry a picture of the season on them, and the work in refreshing blues, looks good and makes me feel comfortable. 

Kensuke Fujiyoshi
Size D7.5−H6    Price 3,990Yen

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