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April begins ― it is almost spring. This year, the Sakura flowered early, and so, the day of full bloom might be over by the time you read this. In Japan, all people track the blossoming of the Sakura so that they can see the flower at its most beautiful. One may pattern one's life on the Sakura, which blooms suddenly and quickly, and is scattered purposefully. In Japan, a country that stretches lengthwise from the north to the south, the Sakura season signals that spring is around the corner. The Sakura-Zensen(cherry blossom front), the line linking flowering days across the country, moves from Kyusyu(in the south) to Hokkaido(in the north). Matching the northward progress of Sakura-Zensen, many people travel by train or car, and continue to enjoy the Sakura as it gradually blossoms across the country. From this, we understand how much the people of this country love the Sakura.
This is one of Katsutoshi Mizuno's works, a pretty dish with the Sakura motif. When I look at it, it seems mysterious because I can see a slight pink hue(this work is actually white). Mr.Mizuno creates mainly white porcelain, which is rare amongst Japanese artists. He focuses on and puts all his energies into white porcelain. It must indeed be a valuable thing for an artist to bet his life on it and wrestle with it. He said,'The more I create white porcelains, the more I know it's difficult'. Speaking of white porcelain, Richo Hakuji―created when the Joseon dynasty ruledーis very famous; there are lovers of Richo Hakuji world over. In the background of white porcelain heralding the golden age of the Joseon dynasty, Confucianism, which regards white as an expression of neatness or honesty and of religious importance, had begun to spread in place of Buddhism. It is rightly said,' If you want to understand the history of a period, see its ceramic ware'. In the works of Mr.Mizuno, there are many reproductions of Richo Hakuji. He loves white porcelain and he has studied it in depth. His work is warm and bracing, attracting attention all over the world as well as in Japan.

Katsutoshi Mizuno
Size W13.5-H2.3 Price 3,990Yen   

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