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March begins, and thus the season changes from winter to spring and back again. Such a climate is referred to as 'Sankan-Shion',which expresses the climate in spring as a warm day on the 4th after a cold day on the 3rd,returning to the cold again.

This is one of Keiju Sakaba's works. The bright green of the flowers and a bird excites me. This depiction mirrors the coming season, when trees in the forest wake from a winter's sleep and bloom. Mr.Sakaba lives in Mito City of Ibaraki Prefecture, and both he and his house were safe at the time of the Tohoku Earthquake two years ago. Many of his works,however,were destroyed. For a while, aftershocks were a main concern following the earthquake, and I thought the days when he could not concentrate on his work would continue for some time. But he has resumed his work,creating them passionately and energetically. In fact, his works following the earthquake disaster illustrate renewed strength and depth! The example he left at hand was destroyed, and there is the work that he created from memory, but his works continue to evolve.

In eleven days, we will mark the two-year anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake. At the first sign of spring in Tohoku, the tragedy occurred. As the revival is still in progress,I look at this work while praying for Tohoku to blossom into the beautiful green life reflected in this work.

Keiju Sakaba
Size D21−H4   Price 6,930Yen

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