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Ume no Hana

Winter continues, but spring is surely approaching. The Ume tree at my parent's house produced a pretty bloom. Sakura (cherry blossoms) is considered the representation of spring in Japan, but the flowering of the Ume tree, another sign of spring, lends a feeling of quite calm.The Ume tree was brought in from China, and the people in the time of Manyo planted Ume trees in their gardens to create a China-like atmosphere. The Ume tree is now found all over Japan and has come to symbolize the coming of spring. The Japanese love its pretty flowers!!

These are Shigeo Fujisawa's works. The flower of Ume is drawn on the porcelain white as snow. This work probably holds emotional value for the creater. A red picture, drawn in this way, is called 'Akae', and artists are constantly challenging themselves to create beautiful Akae. They focus on obtaining good Bengala(colour), balancing the composition, timing of the compounding, and so on. In Japan, Kakiemon Sakaida was the first one to produce Akae porcelain in the 1640s, and his story was adapted into a Kabuki program (Meiko Kakiemon). Mr.Fujisawa handles 'red' work very skillfully. This work depicts the pretty flowers of the Ume tree that bloom beautifully in the early spring days after the snowy ones.

Shigeo Fujisawa
Size D15.5−H2.5     Price 6,300Yen

Shigeo Fujisawa
Size D5.5−H4.2     Price 3,780Yen

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